On the fifth day of the Serie C Championship, Luiss Avio hosts Rugby Roma at home and suffers a heavy defeat.

  • 21 February 2023

Granatelli’s boys start off on the wrong foot and concede two tries in the first five minutes, caused by two individual mistakes that give Rugby Roma ten points.
The immediate scores wake up the landlords who with pride, determination and a really convincing fast game bring the score back down by scoring two tries with Mazzolini and Schirripa, who equalize the score on 10 all within ten minutes.
The progress of the university kids is there for all to see: tackles, organized game structures and an aptitude for sacrifice are the key factors in a first half that will end on 15-10 for the guests.
In the second half, the start of Rugby Roma is one of the important ones: 4 tries in 25 ‘that cut off Luiss Avio’s legs. University students can’t stay in the game and cancel everything excellent they had done in the first fraction.
In the 28th minute a small reaction of pride arrives from Schirripa who recovers a ball and slips into the opposing defense scoring the third try for the university students.
Rugby Roma will score the last two tries in the 36th and 38th minutes establishing the final result at 15-53.
The Serie C Championship will have two weeks off ahead of it, coinciding with the first two days of the Six Nations. This period of stoppage from the matches will be an opportunity to work hard as we have done so far, starting again from the excellent first half seen yesterday, in view of the away match on February 19th in Sulmona.