Soccer Excellence, Luiss CBill win over Gaeta, second in the standings

  • 7 March 2023

Our boys on Sunday, Feb. 26, face Gaeta, second in the league: coach Stendardo prepares the game in the locker room by addressing each of his team. We win 3-1.

We enter the field and immediately see our game, while Gaeta struggles to chase the ball.

Our turn of the ball becomes impregnable and the game is unblocked on the 30th of the first half: Mendicino serves De Vincenzi on the edge of the area. The captain with a rabona rewards the descent of Pelullo who crosses to the first post for Mendicino’s header and it’s 1-0.

In the 34th, Mendicino tries again, with a beautiful shot from outside the area that goes past the goalkeeper, but the ball is printed on the post.

A minute later, there is a corner kick in our favor: Fabio taps it into the box, but the opponent’s defense sweeps the ball away over the midfield; we recover the ball and with a quick phrasing Rekik, on Mendicino’s assist, scores our second goal. In the 40th we also try De Vincenzi but the goalkeeper manages to deflect the ball onto the post. At the end of the first half we concede the 2-1 goal on a header.

In the second half, Gaeta, galvanized by the goal, tries to recover the disadvantage, but without ever bothering our defense. For Luiss, Biraschi enters and, with his movements, sends the defense into a tailspin, steals the ball and rushes towards the goal but is landed: the referee whistles the penalty kick that Biraschi himself transforms in the 3 to 1.

The match thus ends with great satisfaction of our university students.