Rugby, Luiss Avio loses on the field of Bisonti Frosinone

  • 11 April 2023

In anticipation of Saturday 1 April, Luiss Avio Rugby lost 31-19 on the Bisonti Frosinone field. After an excellent first half and a good start to the second half, there were several missed opportunities for Granatelli’s boys (unavailable on Saturday, with assistant Giannelli Savastano in his place) who were conditioned by nervousness in the last twenty minutes and brought home a defeat which leave so much disappointment.

A Luiss Avio with two faces. In the initial 40′ he is able to score a try with Sanz in the opening, after a good action orchestrated across the entire width of the pitch; he is capable of responding to the two tries conceded by the Bisonti in the 6th and 12th minutes with a beautiful score from Principi that takes the oval beyond the opposing defense. The young university students who fight, defend, tackle, run and never retreat, neither in the scrum nor in the touchline, not even when the hosts take the lead again in the 34th minute, because three minutes later, Captain Conti, after a splendid personal initiative , equalized the result on 19-19 (Rossi’s performance on his foot was excellent).

The other face of the university students is the one shown in the second half, in which the more expert Bisonti team scores in the 5th minute of the game, breaking up the match with more or less long breaks, and leading the guests to a useless nervousness. Despite this, Luiss Avio has a couple of good chances to equalize the match but frustrates them with complicated and ineffective plays. The second half was almost entirely the prerogative of the home team who scored the fifth try ten minutes from the final whistle.

There are many positive elements in the match on Saturday 1 April, many elements from which to start again to improve, in view of the remaining championship matches. An important aspect that should not be underestimated is the mental stability of a young team that has made great strides since September and deserves all the attention and respect possible.

In view of Easter, Luiss Avio will have a few days of rest before returning to the Acqua Acetosa pitch on Wednesday 12 April to calmly prepare for the away match at Rugby Roma.