Women’s volleyball, the Luiss Probios team continues to win

  • 11 April 2023

Eighth consecutive victory for coach Marra Luiss Probios’ girls who, despite reaching the promotion playoffs two days early, didn’t stop and won 2-3 in the field of the excellent Volleyrò team. The match is against a team motivated to win to reach the playoff zone as well.
The Luiss girls get off to a good start and bring home the set 15-25 with an excellent performance both in defense and in attack.
In the second set there is a slight decrease which the opponents take advantage of and conclude with a score of 25-20.
The third set starts again with grit and with an excellent performance by our universities which immediately puts the Luiss Probios team in the lead: we go to the fourth set with a score of 17-25.
The fourth set is subdued in the first part, a drop that takes the match to the tie-break.
The fifth set is played to the maximum by both teams, but our girls have the best who, with a score of 13-15, bring home their fifteenth victory in the championship out of 17 games played.
Before the playoffs, coach Marra’s team will be engaged in the last round of the championship, the clash at the top with the first in the standings scheduled after the Easter break.