Rugby, Luiss Avio wins against Sulmona

  • 9 May 2023

After an 80′ battle under incessant rain, the Rugby university side beat a good Sulmona thanks to a daring finish.

It’s the last home game for coach Granatelli’s boys who have only one goal: to win. On a field made heavy by bad weather, the hosts immediately get into the heat of the match, aware that there will be a fight. This is how it is for about 15′, where the Luiss Avio defense is put to the test; then in the 18th minute Del Giudice scores his first try in the championship, after a wonderful move forward by the whole team (Moscardo converts the free kick). The reaction of the Abruzzese was not long in coming and Luiss’ advantage lasted only 5′ before Sulmona equalized the partial score, 7-7.

The determination of the young university students is clear, they want to win the game, and they prove it by scoring twice again: first with Mazzolini on 25′ after an overbearing penetration into the opposing defence, then with Mancinelli on 39′ who exploits his skills in the strait and crushes the oval for 17-7.

Everything happens in the second half. The guests make up for it by capitalizing on a free kick and thus shortening the disadvantage. In the 9th minute Mazzolini scores two goals, breaks two tackles and dives into the goal area. From 10′ to 35′ of the second half, Luiss Avio shuts down and Sulmona takes the chair, scoring two tries (converted) and a free kick in the space of twenty minutes, thus moving up to 27-22. The hosts are no longer able to get back on the pitch, the rain doesn’t help their fast and dynamic game, there are several mistakes especially with the ball in hand and tiredness makes itself felt, given the many tackles and hard clashes to stop the advance of Sulmona.

In the final minutes, supported by a good cheer, Luiss Avio raised her head and with pride and strength regained possession of the ball and the territory. Lots of pick and go’s on the 5m line, while the Abruzzo defense resists. But university students are advancing, they want to win. In the 80th minute the episode that marks the final result of the match arrives: close to the goal line and under the posts, after the umpteenth advance of the forwards (Sanz above all determined to redeem last Sunday’s “non-goal”) , Sulmona commits several fouls thus preventing Luiss from scoring cleanly. The referee whistles, players and benches don’t understand what’s happening: everyone thinks about the end of the match and instead a yellow card comes out for a Sulmona player, technical goal and end of the match. 29-27 for Luiss which celebrates a very important victory.

The victory is the result of months of sacrifices, lived together, which now lead the team to prepare for the last championship match in Tivoli, on Sunday 7 May.