Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Ozzano

  • 15 May 2023

On Sunday 14 May Luiss Roma Basket Serie B starts slowly, feeling the pressure of being seeded N1: in the first quarter they suffer the solidity of Ozzano, the revelation team of group C. Slowly the intensity of the game of the boys from Paccariè rises, the offensive plays increased and, thanks to the triples by Fallucca and the drive under the basket by Allodi, Luiss deservedly overturned the game and won game 1 81-71.
Sold out, about 400 spectators, at the PalaLuiss for Race 1 between Luiss and Ozzano. Without Legnini, Paccariè recovers Pasqualin. Ozzano starts solidly and goes 8-11 pushed by Barattini. Luiss seems contracted and Ozzano escapes 12-18. Fallucca makes the first triple for 15-18. It is played point to point. The first quarter ends 23-25. Murri and his teammates didn’t take the right steps to play Ozzano who plays good basketball.
In the second quarter the defenses become more aggressive and the percentages begin to drop.
Allodi dominates on the rebound and keeps Luiss at a distance thanks to offensive rebounds. On the expiry Pasqualin makes the triple that sends Luiss ahead 40-39 at the break, due to the delirium of Palaluiss. The second half opens with a nice assist from Mimmo to Allodi. Luiss is at 42-39. Allodi does not give up under the basket and stands up to the university students. A nice triple from Fallucca and then a second one again. Luiss tries to escape for 50-44. Paccariè asks for defensive intensity and on a steal Jovovic nails the 52-44. Ozzano closes on the counterattack, but on the overturning Fallucca punishes again from the long 56-47. Pasqualin returns and immediately scores 58-48 from average. Again Fallucca, in the nba version, puts another triple. 62-51. We go to the last lap with a score of 65-52 with Luiss in control.

Ozzano starts with a 4-0 and Paccariè calls timeout on 65-56. After a couple of minutes without baskets Jovovic brings us to 68-58. Paccariè deploys a high area and keeps Ozzano at a distance.

The match ends with a deserved victory for the university students in view of game 2 in 48 hours.

Race 2 on Tuesday 16 May at the Palaluiss at 8.30pm.