Elena Serangeli of Team Ciclismo Luiss BMW is the champion of the Lazio region

A Sunday of applause for Elena Serangeli of Team Ciclismo Luiss BMW. Our student-athlete participated in the Gran Fondo del Terminillo, taking first place in her category. In the 90 km road race with 2,200 meters of elevation gain, Elena was crowned champion of the Lazio region. Next appointment on October 17, for ... More

Gran Fondo

Cycling, excellent proof of Team AS Luiss BMW in the Gran Fondo Città dell’Aquila

On Sunday, the AS Luiss BMW Cycling Team participated in the Gran Fondo Città dell'Aquila. The road race of the Pedalatium circuit included a route of 95 km, with 1,500 meters of elevation gain. Among the mountains of Abruzzo, our athlete Nunzio Muratore arrived 14th in his category, with a time of 2 hours and 49 ... More


Cycling, Elena Serangeli and Team Luiss-BMW prepare for Gran Fondo Città dei Papi

Sunday, May 30, Team Luiss-BMW Cycling will participate in the Gran Fondo Città dei Papi, valid for the National Championship GF and MF ACSI 2021. In Anagni, will also be awarded the 1st University Cycling Trophy "Foro Italico". Elena Serangeli, athlete and Team Manager of the team, told us the emotion of the restart. ... More


Pleasure of Cycling: AS Luiss and BMW together for Cycling

The Luiss Sports Association is pleased to announce the new partnership with BMW, a leading company in the automotive industry, which will be AS Luiss Official Partner and Main Sponsor of the Cycling Team. The company has decided to support the team led by Technical Director Luigi Bielli, which this year will have a new ... More


Cycling, the Gran Fondo di Vetralla kicks off the 2020 season

Under a sky that threatened rain, our cycling team inaugurated the 2020 season. The Gran Fondo di Vetralla started from the centre of the town and was articulated on a single route of 88 kilometres. The more than 400 participants tackled a track full of uphill tears and false plains. In addition, a short surprise ... More


Cycling, the Medieval Gran Fondo closes the season of Team Luiss

On Sunday 29th September Team Luiss cyclists took part in their last race of the season: the Medieval Gran Fondo. The competition started from Tivoli and was divided into a single route of 105 km with 1,800 meters of elevation gain. The race was characterized by the late start of 3 minutes for women. This factor allowed ... More

Gran Sasso

Cycling, good performance of our athletes on the Gran Sasso

A challenging weekend for our cycling team. The athletes were divided between training on the Gran Sasso and a downhill race. Elena Serangeli and Nunzio Muratore, assisted by the perfect climate, tried a climb of over 30 km. On the highest mountain in the Apennines, the athletes completed a lap of 110 km with a differ... More


Cycling, good results in the Cantalice Gran Fondo

The Luiss cycling team yesterday participated in the Gran Fondo of Cantalice, a small village at the foot of the Terminillo. The race took place on a route of 100 km and 1,500 meters in altitude, overlooking the beautiful views of the Apennines of Rieti. Our athletes have confirmed how good they are to see in the ... More


Cycling, excellent results in the Gran Fondo Mari e Monti

After making its debut in Vetralia, the Luiss Cycling Team participated in the Gran Fondo Mari e Monti. The race, which started in the centre of Ladispoli, was divided into a single route of 108 kilometres and 1400 metres of difference in height, with a passage through the hills of Tolfa, Manziana, Bracciano and Cerveter... More


Cycling: Team Luiss’ 2019 season gets off to a great start

On Sunday, March 3, under the sun of Vetralla, the Luiss Cycling Team has brilliantly inaugurated the 2019 season. The Gran Fondo, which started at 8:30 a.m. from the city centre, was made up of a single 88-kilometre route. The 400 athletes tackled a track full of uphill jerks and fake plains, with a short stretch on ... More