Tennis, the men’s Luiss Team in Serie C

On Sunday 28 May, the Luiss BMW Roma Men's Tennis team conquers Serie C in a match played until the last 15. Gandolfi, the flagship of the team, opened the day by winning his single with a peremptory 6-0/6-0. Instead comes the first defeat of the number 2 of the Trippetti team, who surrenders with a double 6-2 to an ... More


Tennis, the Luiss BMW Rome Men’s Team will face the Casalpalocco Junior Tennis Club in the Playoffs

After the 5 games of the group stage of the Lazio Serie D1 Championship closed with full points, the Luiss BMW Roma Men's Tennis Team is expected for the Playoff final to conquer Serie C. The opponent will be the Casalpalocco Junior Tennis Club, and the match will be held on Sunday 28 May, at 09:00, at the J.T. Casalp... More


Tennis, the Luiss BMW Rome Men’s Team in the Playoffs

The Luiss Tennis BMW Roma Men's Team, coached by Andrea Pelliccione, also wins the last match of the group, thus conquering the first position in a dominant way and directly qualifying for the second round of the playoffs. The team, made up of Trippetti, Russo, Paduano and Losito, prevailed with a score of 4-2. Russo ... More

Tennis, Luiss BMW Rome Tennis continues in the right mode

On Sunday 23 April, the Luiss BMW Rome Tennis team will return to play. Women's Tennis wins its match against Villa York by table and Men's Tennis beats Due Ponti 4 games to 2. Coach Andrea Pelliccioni lines up Gandolfi, Russo, Paduano and Magliocca. Gandolfi immediately shows quality and consistency by winning ... More


Tennis, Luiss BMW Rome continues to dominate the championship

Sunday 16 April, the Luiss BMW Roma Tennis team returns to the red arena for the championship. The men's team, coached by coach Andrea Pellicioni, gets a clear victory with a score of 6 matches to 0 against the asd 3p esla tennis project. In the first match, Trippetti faces a young but difficult opponent, easily ... More

Tennis, excellent performance for the Luiss BMW Rome women’s team

First victory of the season for Luiss BMW Rome Women's Tennis. Excellent day for the women's team that wins at home 3-0 against the worthy opponent "Grand Slam". The return of the veteran Gaia Proietti certainly contributes, who after months of absence still manages to easily win her single 6-2 / 6-2. Viola Angelini is no ... More


Tennis, debut with victory for the AS Luiss BMW Roma Men’s Team

The 2022-2023 season of the AS Luiss BMW Roma Tennis Teams officially began on Sunday 26 March. The first meeting of the season begins with the men's team against Canottieri Lazio and the absolute debut for the players Gianmarco Gandolfi, Nicolò Paduano and Andrea Magliocca. The first, Gandolfi, as well as Luiss Top ... More

Capital Advisory

Women’s tennis, Luiss Capital Advisory team conquers the C Series

Luiss Capital Advisory women's tennis team conquers, after a very tough match, the C Series. On the 3G Tennis court, under a scorching sun, with a perceived temperature of 35 degrees, our players Viola Angelini and Gaia Proietti challenge their opponents in singles, trying to win the promotion right away. Angelini, ... More


Tennis, Luiss Capital Advisory tennis team wins again in singles and doubles

Second individual cup for Angelini Viola Angelini wins her second consecutive tournament playing individually. On April 15, at the Borghetti Memorial, she dominated the competition while also winning important points for her personal ranking. With an already high score, Angelini starts from the quarterfinals, easily ... More

Viola Angelini, the college tennis player with many dreams in her drawer

Viola Angelini is in her first year of university, but between a forehand and a backhand, she cultivates many dreams and projects: she has just won an individual tournament wearing the Luiss jersey, while training with the Luiss Capital Advisory Tennis team: 1.You have just won the last tournament in which you partici... More