Pleasure of Cycling: AS Luiss and BMW together for Cycling

The Luiss Sports Association is pleased to announce the new partnership with BMW, a leading company in the automotive industry, which will be AS Luiss Official Partner and Main Sponsor of the Cycling Team. The company has decided to support the team led by Technical Director Luigi Bielli, which this year will have a new ... More

circuito FIN

Excellent debut in the FIN circuit for the AS Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo Swimming Team

Sunday, January 17, in the pool of Pietralata, the AS Luiss swimming team has started the competitive season 2020-21. Participating in the 2nd round of Regional Qualification for the Italian Absolute Spring Championship and Criteria Youth, our boys have made their debut in the FIN circuit. This year, in fact, the AS ... More


Basket B league: beautiful victory on Partenope Sant’Antimo’s court.

Well-deserved victory for Basket B league, running in the seventh round of the first half of the season on the Partenope Sant'Antimo's court. A success that gives morale and confidence to Paccariè's boys, after the last unlucky results. The team starts strong: Infante, Rota twice and a triple by Martino give us the ... More


Swimming, it’s time to return to the pool: double commitment in Pietralata

For our Swimming Team, it's time to put on cap and goggles to go back in the pool. Saturday in the pool of Pietralata (Via Achille De Zigno 7, Rome), the team will participate in the 2nd round of Regional Qualification for the Italian Absolute Spring Championship and Criteria Youth. The FIN event includes a second ... More


Basketball B league, a loss comes against the leader Rieti

Coach Paccariè's quintet starts off strong, imposing its aggressive and fast game. An organization that puts the undefeated leader in trouble. Martino and Infante take us ahead 8-3, Rieti responds from long distance and Traini scores 4 straight points to make it 14-17. The second quarter is a blowout: the game gets ... More


Basketball B league, false start: the first challenge of 2021 goes to Formia

Basket B league is defeated by the first match of 2021, lost in the difficult away game of Formia. The final score rewards the hosts: it ends 75-64. After a first fraction well played, the team compromises the race with a second quarter under tone. Our players score only 8 points and Formia moves away. We go to the rest ... More

Virtus Pozzuoli

Basketball B league, stop on Virtus Pozzuoli court

Setback for Basket B league, forced to chase Virtus Pozzuoli for almost the entire match. In the final, our guys came within a possession of the ball, but were unable to make the winning kick. Final score 73-65 for the team from Campania. Paccariè's boys started well, going ahead 8-7. Then, the first empty passage and ... More


Mens sana in corpore sano: Probios is the new Official Sponsor of the Volleyball Team and Luiss Sport Lab

Luiss Sport Association and Probios SpA, a leading company in Italy in the distribution of organic food, are pleased to announce their collaboration. The partnership is born with the aim of developing research protocols that, through a diet based on organic food, aim to improve the Sports Performance and, more generally, ... More

Virtus Cassino

Basketball B league, against Virtus Cassino comes a victory with chill

A thriller match at PalaLuiss in the third round of the championship: Basket B league plays a great basketball for 35 minutes against Virtus Cassino, then the guests come back in the last quarter, but in the final Pasqualin gives the victory from the free-throw line. At the start Infante scores the first 2 points and ... More

Scandone Avellino

Basketball B league, Paccariè’s team falls at home against Scandone Avellino

The second match of Basket B league championship was a point to point game. Both ours and Scandone Avellino's boys had won at the debut. The result was an intense and hard-fought challenge, in which the guests prevailed. The first half of the game was characterized by perfect balance, solid defense and low shooting ... More