The fairy tale Luiss Basket: promoted to Serie A2!

A ride that lasted ten months, with the most beautiful epilogue: our basketball team reached Serie A2. In Italy, it is the first time that a team made up only of students reaches this high! Coach Andrea Paccariè's student athletes had an incredible season: from the record of away victories (11 out of 15) to the almost ... More

Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma conquers A2

There are no words to tell the feat that Luiss has accomplished, but we can say that it enters basketball history by becoming the first all-university team to achieve promotion to Serie A2. We have witnessed many heart-pounding basketball matches and last-second overthrows, but we have never seen anything so exciting in ... More


Basket Serie B performs another feat. 86-94 in extra time and the A2 is approaching

Incredible, unbelievable: Luiss Roma rises from -18 eight minutes from the end and wins in extra time against Vigevano. A crazy, fantastic, incredible game by coach Paccariè's boys who prove to be a great group: the final 86-94 after extra time, with the partial of the last 13 minutes reciting 13-40. A Luiss led by Matteo ... More

Gara 1

Luiss Roma accomplished the feat and beat Sebastiani Rieti in Game 1 of the Serie B Finals

It's the law of large numbers, first then it had to happen: it happened in the most important moment of the season. Luiss Roma beats Sebastiani Rieti in the photo finish, and for the first time in its twenty-five year history, achieving a real feat. Coach Paccariè's terrible boys win 69-65 who lost 54-47 in the 32nd ... More

Calcio Juniores

Junior football, Luiss CBill participates in the “Peter Pan for Peace” tournament

On Sunday 11 June, at the Ottavia Sports Center from 9 to 12.30, the Luiss CBill Calcio Juniores took part in the "Peter Pan for Peace" tournament. The event was organized to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the opening of the first Peter Pan home by combining football with the theme of hospitality that goes beyond ... More

Basket serie B

Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Fabriano and goes to the finals

On Wednesday 7 June, Luiss Basket Serie B plays a masterful game in a packed and fiery Palaluiss and deservedly wins 71-69, after leading the game for the full 40 minutes. Fabriano comes out with his head held high in a confrontation with a thousand emotions, in which Paccariè's rotations prove to be decisive against ... More

Swimming, Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo is back in the pool for the Italo Nicoletti Trophy

The summer season of our Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo boys opens in the municipal sports center of Riccione, who took part, on 2-3-4 June, in the Italo Nicoletti Trophy organized by the structure. Despite the period of load in training, the boys tried to give their best in this important stage and managed to obtain various ... More

Luiss Roma

Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Fabriano and wins game 5

After the bitter defeat in game 3 (77-72) Luiss Roma compacted and played a game of heart and experience, beating Fabriano 71-81. A painful and tight match for Paccariè's boys who, after a false start, managed to get their hands on the match thanks to a 33-15 run. Luiss ends the first half ahead 46-37, thanks to a solid ... More


Tennis, the men’s Luiss Team in Serie C

On Sunday 28 May, the Luiss BMW Roma Men's Tennis team conquers Serie C in a match played until the last 15. Gandolfi, the flagship of the team, opened the day by winning his single with a peremptory 6-0/6-0. Instead comes the first defeat of the number 2 of the Trippetti team, who surrenders with a double 6-2 to an ... More

Basket serie B

Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Fabriano in game 1

Sunday 28 May the final between Luiss Basket Serie B and Fabriano begins in an exciting and spectacular way. The two teams play intense basketball and in the final the technical rate rises again. Luiss wins and, when it seems all is over, with a triple from Jovovic that is printed on the iron, and the ball in Fabriano's ... More